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About Human Talent Expert

Who We Are

We are a Startup team of motivated, dedicated and dynamic HR professionals whose DNA is not only to meet but consistently exceed expectations of our customers by following a world class global delivery model. Human Talent Expert’s outstanding research capabilities and access to a global talent pool, thorough assessment methodology, in-depth reference checking, and critical contribution to completion of the search by facilitating final negotiations makes it a outstanding in the Recruitment industry...

Our Strength

  • Targeting the Passive Job Seeker: Our database consists of talent through networking and referrals. We believe that building good relationships in advance would make it easier to persuade a passive candidate to consider a new challenge at a later stage.
  • Human Talent Expert is a brand name. We cater to clientele with high ethics & uncompromisable values-clientele on whom we have confidence. The market knows this well. The goodwill we have built using this as our foundation has put us in a league of trust.
  • “Proactive reach out” as a means to recruiting, than reaching out to candidates who are available on job portals.
  • Our initial reach out is highly personal. We create a sense of inquisitiveness in a candidate.
  • Highlighting to the candidates on how he/she will benefit by joining an organization.
  • We give the candidate a detailed brief about the roles we are processing them for. We give them insight on how the jobs are relevant to their experience and tell them which aspects of their resume make them a fit.
  • We discuss about testimonials of other candidates working with our clientele.
  • Human Talent Expert has an incontestable presence in social media. We are networked and wired.
  • Confidentiality and Sensitivity of data is our trademark and DNA.
  • We focus on candidate careers and client's growth.

Our Value addition

  • Human Talent Expert will be involved in Co-sourcing and working in conjunction with your team to meet your recruiting needs. Our profiles will be unique, quick joinees, candidates for any seasonal/ niche/ immediate requirement.
  • Human Talent Expert will take a minimum TAT of 24 hours to send profiles after sophisticated, consistent Screening Processes (including double vetting a profile by senior recruiters).
  • Pan India presence with our own office in Chennai and trusted partners in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and a pan India robust database. Systematic approach and the experience of our local market specialists deliver “best fit” candidates with efficiency and speed.
  • Project Mapping by identifying resources in targeted companies in specific skills.
  • Market Intelligence. Human Talent Expert provides strategic MI updates by collating current/ prevalent/ prevailing open-source information gathered from global markets to its clientele from a holistic (recruitment and operations) point of view.
  • We focus on candidate careers and client's growth.