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Human Talent Expert focuses not just on Consulting but is a specialist in Payroll Services as well. Think of us as your HR Partner. We take care of your HR needs, so that you can concentrate on bringing in more business.

Pay Roll Services

* Outsourcing non-core activity
* Time bound & voluminous routine clerical activity
* Cost benefit : Technology, Infrastructure, Salary etc
* Improve company and HR focus
* Free internal resources for other purposes
* Gain access to continuously changing/improving technology/enhance efficiency

Features of Human Talent Expert Payroll Outsourcing

* Customized payroll processing
* Exclusive CRM support
* Highly flexible payroll system /Salary disbursement support
* MIS : Routine, Statutory & Management aid
* Statutory compliance support
* Continuous updating & improvement
* Labour laws expertise

Payroll Management Services

* Processing Monthly payroll
* Compensation Processing
* Generating customized payroll reports
* Preparing Bank Upload Files
* Handling of Loan, Attendance and Leave Record
* Processing Quarterly and Year-End Statutory Forms
* TDS: Form 16, Full & Final settlements
* Managing Queries through Multiple modes (On-Line, Email, Telephone, Help Desk)

Payroll Processing

How We are Different

* Will extend our service to consult the employees on their doubts without disturbing the SPOC from the client side.
* Free consulting for the employees in IT investments.
* Periodical visits will be conducted by our team to solve the grievances related to Payroll and IT
* If required based on the package provided by the client we can dedicate one manpower to take care of the Payroll and IT

Client Benefits:

* Comprehensive Reporting: Our comprehensive Payroll reports and Payroll Analytics aid clients in making more accurate business decisions.
* Payroll Helpdesk: Payroll helpdesk provide employees with quick resolutions as per defined SLAs using an email/internet based or a voice based helpdesk.
* Cost-effective and process efficient.
* 100% accurate service with all the facilities that your larger competitors build in-house.
* Confidentiality and Security Assured.
* If you would like to get more details about Consultants Payroll Outsourcing solutions for your business, please get in touch with us today at 044-48504134