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Phase 1

Phase 2

As soon as the job description is received, the SPOC shares the same with the team who source through different strategies. The recruiters follow a checklist they strictly are required to adhere to and speak to the candidate. If the profile is found suitable, it is then passed to the Quality division. A thorough quality check is done and the same is forwarded to Team Leader who does a Functional Gauging of Candidate. Profiles that qualify are sent to the Team Manager who checks the candidate from a HR as well as Functional Stand point. Profiles that pass the double vetting interviews are sent to SPOC who send the same to the client.

Sourcing Channel

Sourcing Channel No. of Candidates Placed (Year to Date)
Human Talent Expert Proprietary Database 30%
Social Networking 17% ( LinkedIn, Face book Hoovers, Twitter, etc)
Project Mapping/ Head Hunting/ Networking 30%
Referrals 11%
Print Media 2%
Job Boards 10%

Sample Recruitment Funnel of Human Talent Expert
Graphic Representation of Social Media Human Talent Expert
Human Talent Expert Uses Applicant Tracking System and CRM to track their jobs, candidates and clients